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Pharmacy Access Program

Contact: Stevi Riel - 231-672-3201

The Health Project’s Pharmaceutical Access Program is in place to make sure that people have access to what they need to live healthier, fuller lives. 

 Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Enrollment

Pharmaceutical manufacturers often have programs available for individuals with no health insurance or prescription coverage.  Applications require patient and physician input, proof of income documentation and prescriptions.  MCHP staff will screen and assist patients and providers with the application process and submit all required paperwork to the manufacturer.  Typically, once approved, the medication will be shipped directly to the physician for distribution to the patient. 

 Low Income Pharmacy Cares (LIPC)

The LIPC program was established to assist low-income, uninsured adults with diabetes and cardiovascular disease who had little-to-no access to prescribed medications, and who were at risk of hospital admission. The goal of the LIPC program is to create a safety net for patients with chronic diseases and limited resources to get necessary testing supplies and medication.  Enrollees have access to a variety of medicine, with minimal out of pocket expense based on income and ability to pay.

 Diabetic Pump Therapy Supply Program

Uninsured Type I diabetics who are dependent on pump therapy to manage their diabetes are often not able to continue with the pump because of the cost of pump supplies.  Often these diabetics return to injectable therapy and experience a decrease in their disease control.  The Diabetic Pump Therapy Supply Program began in November 2011 as a way to fill this gap and help keep well-controlled diabetics healthy. Eligibility is determined based upon several factors, including income and coverage status.

 Interim Medication Fund

The Interim Medication Fund supports our mission of making sure people can get to what they need.  Originally established to help local diabetics access medication, it has since grown to help patients with all sorts of conditions.  Grants, donations, fundraisers and hospital contributions keep this fund available to help with medication expenses, copay assistance and medical supplies.  Funds are limited and our ability to help with expenses depends on several factors, including patient income and coverage status.

 Interested in applying for the Pharmaceutical Access Program? Visit our Need Help Now page and download the required documentation and application.

 The Muskegon Community Health Project is a proud partner of United Way of the Lakeshore. Consider designating your annual United Way contributions to the Health Project’s Pharmaceutical Access Program.

by: Muskegon Community Health Project
Date: 14-May-2012
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